For the first time in history, an elected Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of Nepal in 2015.

The promulgation of this historical Constitution has ended the prolonged political conflict and the transition period in the country by conferring sovereign rights on the people and entrusting them with the responsibility of deciding the destiny and future of this country.

The Constitution aims to establish an equitable society with social justice by establishing a Federal Democratic Republic and socialism-oriented economy. In a context where fundamental rights and basic political and socio-economic rights are guaranteed by the Constitution, the focus should be on achieving sustainable and inclusive prosperity of this country by mobilization of internal resources to the maximum, modernizing agriculture, tourism development, environmental conservation, infrastructure development, establishment of industries and promotion of employment.

Nepalese of all strata need to mobilize themselves in the process of inclusive and accelerated socio-economic transformation of the country and for political stability and improvement of the living standards of the people. Only then can we safeguard the democracy achieved through great sacrifice of the people and strengthen the foundations of the democratic republic. It is, therefore, incumbent on all political parties and people to respect the fundamental rights and basic needs of citizens as protected by the Constitution and promote prosperity, unity and peace in the country.